ALIS Airside Maintenance

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ALIS, our new digital asset tracking, inspection and service solution, helps airports easily register airside assets, electronically schedule and track maintenance, and record maintenance and inspection tasks in compliance with ICAO and FAA standards. Easy to implement and use, the cloud-based software enables a more reliable and fail-safe approach to asset tracking and maintenance by always using live field data and eliminating inefficiencies caused by human error.

It can easily integrate electronic torque measurements and photometric measurement reports to enable a complete view on the airside asset so your personnel can set up maintenance accordingly. Every asset is recorded and tagged so airport maintenance teams get a clearer view on maintenance schedules and history. This allows airports to manage resources more effectively, achieve safety and longevity of airside assets. ALIS can also help airports plan and schedule preventive maintenance in a more scientific manner, or undertake corrective maintenance more quickly, to reduce downtime and significantly improve operational availability. 

For more information, check out our ALIS video.  

ALIS Airside Maintenance Brochure
ALIS Wrench Sales Sheet

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