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L’Asie-Pacifique a été classée comme l’une des régions à forte croissance, en se basant sur plusieurs facteurs dont la croissance de l’industrie touristique et l’efficacité des compagnies low cost (LCC) dans la plupart des pays. Ces facteurs ont directement contribué à la croissance positive des industries aéroportuaires et aériennes.

ADB SAFEGATE has built a signifcant presence in this region since our foray more than 30 years ago, in collaboration with our agents, distributors and partners. Our customer successes reflect the tremendous growth achieved over the years. Today, we are present in 40 countries in Asia Pacific, and cover approx. 650 airports.

Our diversified portfolio from approach to departure covers solutions for gate, airfield, tower and services has successfully positioned us as the market leader in integrated airport performance solutions. Being close to our customers allows us to offer a higher level of customer intimacy. We have strategically located our offices in Asia Pacific namely Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and China in view of the geographical, cultural and time differences. This has brought us closer to our customers and allows us to offer a higher level of customer service and interaction.

Our Asia pacific office in our Australian office, also offers comprehensive services to provide installation services and full turnkey solutions. With over 40+ years in Australia and 55 people, we're able to help your airport achieve it's performance goals. Get in touch with us today to learn more. 


Watch the video where Regional Sales Director for Asia Pacific, Tack Wee Tan shares insights about the region:


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